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Boundless Haulage and Logistics Services Ltd offers the most profound and affordable logistics services in Lagos and its environment. We engage in haulage, drop off, Pickup & delivery and general logistics services which have to do with safely transporting goods and items on behalf of our customers to their preferred destinations.

In a megacity like Lagos Nigeria, many people find it difficult to have their goods transported safely and timely from points of purchase to preferred destinations without damage. Our company ensures that products are delivered safely and right on time.

As a reputable logistics company, we understand first-hand the problems people face with delivering of their items due to issue unlimited to congested bikers/vans route, timeliness and promptness of delivery, delivery of the wrong products to customers, and not refunding of returned products on time to mention a few. That is why we have rightly put in place a customer service that specializes in handling customer requests per delivery, a proper planning schedule to handle delivery routes to cut back on untimely delivery of products.

Our seamless service further enhances our responsiveness when goods need to be returned and delivering the right products and services. Our security framework includes a geo-location service that keeps us updated on every biker’s location to keep your goods and services safe.

Our bikers are well-educated on route-maneuvering skills in our bit to beat traffic, ensure efficiency in delivery, and be well informed in communication skills to communicate politely with our wide-ranging customers.

With our affordable price rates to complement our seamless and cost-effective services, we offer you the flexibility your business requires to take that all-important step to elevate your relationship with your clients which in turn help your business grow.

Partnering with Boundless haulage and Logistics Services Ltd saves you the stress of delivering your goods to your clients right on time, allowing you to focus on growing your business to taste while ensuring you ease operation. Partner with us today to take your business to the next level through optimal delivery services.

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